Health, Safety, and Environment is the foundation of JP Contractors.

In order to successfully carry out the law regarding safety and environmental responsibilities, we have strict regulations to follow. We strive to operate in such a way that safety, health, and the well-being of our clients, employees, and subcontractors is guaranteed.  No one will be exposed to or asked to perform unnecessary tasks that cannot be completed or adhered to in a safe and secure fashion. We are always striving to continue to improve our safety, health and well-being, and environment protection.

Health, safety, and the environment are common responsibilities of all of us. For this reason, JP Contractors will assess all safety issues that could possibly arise at each job before starting in order to complete the tasks in the safest manner possible.

JP Contractors routinely analyzes working conditions to ensure:

  • Crews use safe tools and equipment and that all tools are safety labeled.
  • Proper safety information on each job site.
  • Proper personal safety equipment is used.
  • Safety manager of JP Contractors makes weekly job-site inspections.
  • Hazardous materials are controlled and properly disposed of.
  • Employees are safety certificated.
  • Only certified personnel use our materials and equipment.
  • Monthly updates are made in our employee safety handbook.

The president and the management of JP Contractors hold regular meetings in order to stay updated on the development of new policies on these issues. Because of years of experience, we can easily adjust and adapt our policy in order to meet new standards and policies.

JP Contractors is sure that our “together policy” concerning health, safety, and environment protection will produce positive results for our employees and clients.

All employees at JP Contractors are WHMIS and Fall Protection Certified.

We look forward to doing business safely with you.

 JP Contractors