About Us

We think before we build. This is the leading philosophy in our company. All of our employees are multifunctional and well trained. Every job is a different job, and our approach to building, along with our skilled employees, allows us to be flexible and dynamic to accommodate anything that comes our way.
JP Contractors values those who are able and willing to work toward the interests of the client, and who are honest and hard-working. We seek out honest and hard-working personnel who put the needs of our clients above all else. All of our procedures and systems are built to serve our clients as well as our employees. Rules and regulations are put in place to ensure good communication that ensures reports from office to field, field to office, as well as to enforce safety regulations. JP Contractors is a family-owned business and brings its traditional family structures with it. This doesn’t mean we are approaching new projects narrow indedly. The beauty of JP Contractors is that there are always new opportunities to think creatively and to innovate, and our employees are enthusiastically encouraged to bring forward their ideas on any project. Leading with our combined knowledge, we challenge everything and everybody, and we will not be forced into old familiar thinking or the old saying “We will stick to the way we always do it.”
Belief and trust in our employees are important principals at JP Contractors. We trust our employees 100% and know that we can rely on them to perform their jobs the best they can. We aim to give our employees the freedom necessary to challenge them to step up and to develop their own unique gifts in order to create a well-rounded crew. Only by allowing for creativity and space to develop can JP Contractors Design and Build think and innovate.
JP Contractors strives for complete openness and clear relationships with our clients and employees. We share everything about our company with our employees: Goals, strategies, business plans, and results are openly shared without worrying about our competitors or anyone else. Knowledge is power and should be shared, and knowledge gleaned from the past is the science of the future. Thirty-five years of building experience has taught us to lead and view every potential project, event, or problem as an opportunity, and for every opportunity we have a creative solution.
We want our clients to know everything about their projects. This starts with a great initial consultation. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and come up with creative ideas and solutions. After the initial interview, we follow up with a detailed estimate and quote, where we explain how we intend to build and which materials we will be using throughout construction. We keep our clients updated continually throughout construction and are always available for question and clarifications. The terms “quality” and “meeting our clients’ expectations” is what you regularly hear from us! This can be understood in two ways: First, an excellent final product has been created, and second, your building is a business card in which the end product takes a prominent role.
We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!
We hold each other to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity. We keep our word and demonstrate complete honesty at all times. We treat those around us respectfully, not only at work, but at home, church, and in our communities. This philosophy is key to the success of JP Contractors and is what upholds a consistently high standard in our work.