Flat roofing

Our flat roofing division is an added value to our clients. As an approved installer by Custom Seals located in Ohio, USA, we are proud to say that we have done more than one million square feet flat-roofing installation in total. Using the market-leading PVC and TPO membranes a product of GlenFlex, manufactured by Custom Seals, we will meet all specifications and expectations of your new or replaced flat roofs.
One of our major added values to our clients is the speed of installation. All of our roofing materials are prefabricated at the Custom Seals factory so that seam welding on site is minimized, allowing us to install your roof much more efficiently.
We fully stand behind our product, and with our well-trained installers we are not afraid to give a fifteen-year labour and material warranty.
Our pricing and advice are based on “to the point” information. With our infrared camera scanner, we are able to scan your roof completely and get a clear view of the conditions of your roof and isolation. Based on this information, we can give you an overview complete with pictures and an estimated price.
As an ENERGYSTAR®-approved roofing system installer, we can guarantee that you will save money and the hassle of repeated tar patches.

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